“I am honoured to be ambassador for Sunderland and very much looking forward to completing it again!”

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I wanted to put this one together during my crazy two weeks of taking part in two Marathons! Those being Manchester and then London.

At Manchester I gained a new PB of 4:47 which was a huge improvement of my previous 5:29 in London in 2016. I am still learning a lot about the distance and my target for Manchester was between 4:15 and 4:30. As you can see that didn’t happen. Although in the grand scheme of things only being 17 minutes off that 4:30 target really isn’t too bad. I just never found my stride and got into the race which I psyched myself out of when I didn’t get a quicker start.

Also with London in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a lost cause. Although I will never ever do two marathons so close tougher again and I think I prefer the half distance. So totally looking forward to that on 13th May!!!

Then came London and the heat. I was actually really pleased after the race when they announced that it was indeed the hottest ever London Marathon on record it made the tough day even more worth it. Battling with 24 degree heat whilst trying to run 26.2 miles really was a tough task, if it was my first marathon I would not be wanting to do another one in all honesty.

The crowd support was outstanding though and at no point did I think I wasn’t going to finish, it was just physically draining. The water stations were fantastic as were the marshals on the route.

I think it is safe to say that I will not be running two marathons that close together again as it just drains you physically and emotionally.

I am therefore very much looking forward to the half marathon in Sunderland I think that 13.1 miles is my favourite distance in all honesty. Still a big rewarding challenge but much easier to recover from! I can worry about the 26.2 miles again in September as I begin to prepare for the New York Marathon.

Having three weeks from London to Sunderland is probably a great time, gives me plenty of recovery and then able to tick over with a few runs in between as I am really looking to try and smash my half marathon PB of 1:59 and I am sure I can manage that as last year at this event I ran 2:05 (with a broken toe) very evenly paced I must add but this year I really want to be comfortably finished within 2 hours! I certainly think it is possible on what was pretty much a flat course that I am honoured to be ambassador for and very much looking forward to completing it again!




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