“I did it and would urge everybody to follow your dreams”

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Our EOTN Ambassador Graeme didn’t have the easiest journey to London Marathon greatness following a brokwn hip in 2017, but on Sunday he did it! Here’s his blog about all-things-London.
“So that’s it …all the training miles ..all that fretting …all the hours of moaning and doubting myself it’s finally done and I enjoyed every minute of the London Marathon!
It was fantastic to run for Slimming World and great to meet up with all the team members before the race at the expo and also raise a lot of money for Cancer Research.
I’ll be honest I was nervous. I really didn’t know how my hip would cope but after bumping into the surgeon who put my new hip in last year I realised  I would be fine (I mean what are the odds of that?!)
Once that gun went off the smile on my face never left me. The support was second to none- 4 and 5 deep in places and I used every single one, high fiving everyone and taking advantage of free sweets 😃 It was quite scary at times seeing fellow runners dropping to their feet so quickly from the off due to the heat mind, but I kept well hydrated and quickly realised that I needed to slow down if I was gonna make it round in one piece.
19 miles in I did hit the wall but thanks to my missus and the crowd I dug deep and pushed on coming in at 4hrs 25 which I’m immensely proud of. I know I’ve been a nightmare to live with for the last 6 months but I’m thankful for having such a understanding family.
Crossing that finishing line on such a glorious day will stay with me forever and I admit a few tears were shed …would I do it again?…MOST DEFINITELY! After my broken hip I truly thought that was it running wise, but I’m a stubborn bugger and through positive thinking and a never give up attitude I did it and would urge everybody to follow your dreams .
Sunderland 10k in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it and representing running in Sunderland”
Happy running folks 😃
Graeme @Graeme289

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