If we can do it, anyone can!

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With less than 4 weeks to go, we caught up with Sun FMs Tim and Tom to find out how they are feeling in the lead-up to the Siglion Sunderland City 10K.

Tim told us:

“I did the Great North Run back in 2006. Managing it in under three hours was a miracle (It was 2 seconds under actually). After I hit 40, I decided to make more of an effort, the prospect of getting older and fatter didn’t appeal to me.

I have tried to stick to regular training, a nice 5k on a Tuesday in the gym near me, Thursday, the same but with weights afterwards, and a longer run, perhaps 8 or 9k on a weekend. One thing no one warned me about was how addictive I would find it. I was never any good at sport in school, and have never been a massive sports fan, but now find myself watching Athletics on TV shouting at the screen about stride length like a possessed person!

I may be aiming for an hour and a bit as my 10K time, but having joined my colleagues in Team Totum at Christmas, and seeing their results daily on our Facebook page, I have been spurred on to better myself and my time considerably. When I started before Xmas, I could not run a 5K in under 40mins (seriously!), and now my PB is around 31mins. I am chuffed to bits with it! I always use my Strava app when I am running outside, although I don’t like it when it speaks in my ear and tells me to hurry up, that’s the voice in my own head that does that! My calfs had been killing me for weeks and suddenly in March it all stopped. I can now run a 5K or more with no issues at all. Happy days!

I cannot wait till the Sunderland 10K, it is my first proper race in 10 years, and if you have been following my video diaries with Sun FM, you’ll know I am just keen to get it all over with now. Although I suspect I might sign up for another run. Let’s get the 10K over with first!

See you there on the start line on May 7th. I’ll be the one looking worried about half way down the field in Keel Square.”

Tom added:

“Training has gone well, I think! Since the beginning of January I have added an extra 500m to each weekend run. My last attempt was 7.5k in 43 minutes, proud of that! I have been at the gym on a couple weekdays too, including some work on the treadmill. I have enjoyed the challenge, it’s the first time in my life I have properly trained for something and I’ve been keeping an eye on what I’m eating too. I’ve found the longer distances hard, especially in the last few weeks when I’ve been doing 6km plus. I don’t think I was built to run!

I am nervous ahead of Race Day, don’t know how my body is going to reach 10k! But I’m sure after I’ve got to 10k in my training I will be confident on the morning of the big day.  Can’t believe it’s now just a month away!

If you would like to challenge yourself like Tim and myself are doing, it’s not too late to sign up. Come on and get involved, the effort will be worth it… If I can do it, anyone can!”

Good luck to you both from everyone at Events of the North.

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