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“I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the Games now”

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ALY DIXON is just a week away from the Commonwealth Games Marathon on Gold Coast. Here is her final blog installment before the big day:

“Hello once again from a hot, humid and mainly sunny Brisbane.  It’s definitely a far cry from the weather back home!!

I’m still based at the Team England holding camp up in Brisbane, about an hour from Gold Coast(I’ve learnt that it’s actually just Gold Coast and not The Gold Coast like I’ve always called it!!) I move into the Games Village tomorrow.  It’s strange being part of the Games but at the minute being an hour up the road and watching all the action on the TV just like you guys at home.

I’ve had loads of people asking me about the weather and what I’m expecting the conditions to be like for my race. I know It’s going to be hot and humid, but as I will have been here for 3 weeks by race day then hopefully I’m fully acclimatised to it. If not then there’s nothing I can do so I’ve just got to get on with it and not stress about it as I can’t change it.

That’s a big thing about training and racing. There are many things that you can not control and you have to try to not worry about those things and just focus on what you can control. You can control what you do in the days leading up to the race and in the race, things like resting, fuelling, pacing etc but you can’t control the weather or your competitors so focus on you and being the best that you can be on that day and leave everything else up to others to worry about.

Hopefully all will work out well on race day for me. I don’t plan on doing anything silly on race day but once that gun goes you never know what goes through my mind!!  I’ve training as best I can, it hasn’t been perfect but when is it ever perfect? There’s nothing I can do now training wise so its just a case of keeping the legs ticking over whilst also resting up well, keeping well hydrated and keeping the excitement levels to a minimum.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the Games now..

Race time: 10.20pm SATURDAY 14TH APRIL (UK TIME)

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