“It would have been so easy to just give up running all together”

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Here’s EOTN Ambassador Graeme’s first training blog about coming back from a serious injury, training with other people and resting!

“So we’ve got Christmas and new year out of the way and the excess has been shifted so it’s time to knuckle down and get the miles in….having broken my hip more or less a year ago I’m just starting to get a lot of pain free runs in as prep for London marathon and Sunderland City 10k , of course the weather of late hasn’t helped and I’ve had to use the treadmill more than I would have liked but it’s always a back up when needed. I just can’t risk running in snow and ice.
I’m managing on avg 40-50 miles a week and its taking its toll ….3 black toe nails and fall from a dog on a invisible tripwire lol but its all good, the miles are coming and things are on the up.

I more or less run on my own although of late I have been joined by my pal Michael who is training for the Sunderland half (his first) and really enjoy the company to be honest it’s different and the time seems to pass quickly ..although the miles he’s putting in he will be marathon ready by May!

It’s different training but training for a non specific time there is definitely less pressure and its so much more enjoyable. Time was a issue for me in the months leading up to my injury it sort of became a obsession and pushing myself to the limits paid its price, I suppose its all a learning curve and these things are sent to test us.. it would of been so easy to just have give up running all together .

My missus has decided to run the 10K in may which I’m over the moon with. It’s good prep for the Great North Run which she is doing as a team in September, it’s also someone I can bore to death whilst out training with my really bad jokes!
I’m also finding the benefits of resting, (which I never used to ) stretching! (I know stretching eh!) and sports massages really paying dividends I know it’s something we runners should do but somehow always never find the time…
Anyway I feel confident that I will do well at the London Marathon and will be raring to go for Sunderland 10K a couple weeks after.

Basically after a really bad start to 2017, 2018 is the total opposite and long may it last !!”

Graeme @Graeme289 

That tripwire fall- ouch!

That tripwire fall- ouch!

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