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It’s Faye!

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Our fourth and final ambassador for the 2018 Siglion Sunderland City Run is Faye, who will be taking part in the 10K. Her bio is here:

“I’ve dabbled with running since approx 2010 doing the odd 5k then I got to the point where at the end of a 5k,  I felt I could keep running so went on to register for 10k events.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to challenge myself to complete the GNR for charity, a charity close to my heart Vasculitis UK, due to an illness my son has had since 2013.  It was then my desire to run began and in 2015 I set the challenge to complete 8 Half Marathons in the year, I went above and beyond completing 9 and during that time I received many messages saying I’d inspired people to try a couch to 5k or get back into running.  I’ve completed 17 half marathons and numerous 10k/5k events.

Due to falling pregnant and then the ultimate loss of our baby, I spent the end of 2016 and the majority of 2017 in a blur and hiding away at home.  I’ve realised when I’m running be that just out and about in Durham or at an event my mood lifts and as much as my head is telling me I can’t do this, my heart knows I can and I will.

I advise every marshal I pass that I am only here so I can drink prosecco and eat cake, where in reality I suppose I am running as it distracts my mind away from dark places!

Its a true love / hate relationship I have with running, lets be honest who really gets excited about going out in all weathers rain or shine to run those miles you’ve got planned? At the end of the day running is something you can do on your own or with others and it truly lifts your mood for hours/days afterwards.

Sunderland city 10k is the first 10k event I ever signed up to and i’ve now completed it twice and the half once.

 I’m as hyper as a tigger on smarties to have been chosen to be an EOTN Ambassador and I look forward to meeting more new people and encouraging people to take the step and sign up for the 10k.

You can follow Faye on Twitter @DanceFitFaye

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