London Marathon is looming for Graeme just a year after breaking his hip!

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Here’s a quick catch-up from our 10K #EOTNAmbassador Graeme on lost toenails, starting to stretch and the enjoyment of gym work:

“So London marathon is looming -exciting times ahead! Eeeeeee the training is taking its toll, two toenails gone now and aches upon aches upon aches! But saying that just 1 year ago I was hobbling around on crutches after breaking my hip so to be looking forward to running another marathon just 12 months on just amazes me.

Hopefully all these long miles I’m doing will pay off for the Sunderland 10K in May, To be honest I’m terrified of really pushing myself hard I’ve tried it in training runs but it hurts especially the day after! One thing I’ve done this time round is actually get sports massages, boy do they work (even though they knack getting them done!) the benefits are fantastic so hats off to Alex Thompson at Relax and Replenish for sorting my niggles out, the boy has magic hands.

I’ve also listened to advice and  actually stretch before and after a run these days (I never did before) and mixing my training up with gym work thanks to Everyone Active has definitely made a difference as well as being  quite enjoyable. Hopefully the worst of the weather is behind us now and we can all enjoy some sunny days for running ..

So I’ve got a couple more longish runs in the next couple of weeks maybe 15/16 milers then a few short fast ones easing my way into doing nothing the week before London. I want fresh legs for big one…obviously if I can find a parkrun in London on the Saturday before the VLM it would be rude not to partake!

Graeme @Graeme289 

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