New year, new targets, new you!

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Runners often set themselves new targets as soon as they have reached their previous one, but the new year is always a good time to take stock and set yourself a new goal for the year. These are a few targets you might have in mind, and a few things to think about depending on what you are considering.

“I want to PB at everything!”

Don’t we all?! Setting yourself the target to get faster is never a bad thing. It gives focus to your training and gives you that amazing sense of achievement when you get them. Runner Neil Wilkinson (@Neily_wilko) from Manchester told us, “I want PBs at everything in 2015. You might as well push yourself, that’s what goals are for” and to a point that’s true. It’s sometimes better to work on one goal and let the others naturally come, get yourself into a good block of half marathon training and you are pretty much guaranteed to see an improvement in your shorter times too. And don’t forget sometimes to just run for the sake of a run, enjoy it, forget what time you are aiming for occasionally. You should even sometimes leave the GPS at home.

I want to run a marathon!”

Ok, we understand. Marathons can be amazing. Marathon running teaches you a lot about yourself, but most importantly it moves the boundaries beyond much further than you probably thought you could run. But so could a half marathon. In fact, so could any distance. Set yourself a target and be sensible in your training. Whether it’s 10k, half or a full marathon there are hundreds of very good training plans out there and most running forums will contain a wealth of knowledge, experience and horror stories. Be realistic with the targets you set yourself and again, do what makes you happy.

I want to raise loads of money for charity”

Known through his fundraising exploits including running a variety of distances in a morph suit and currently training for triathlon on a BMX Sid Sidowski (@sidowski) shared his 2015 target “I want to remain injury free and ignite the worlds imagination to fundraise through exercise.”
Charity running is growing all the time, either you or someone you know will have run at some point for a charity close to their heart, or simply to get a golden ticket to a big over-subscribed event. Running raises a huge amount of money for charities so again be realistic about the target you set yourself and where possible run for a charity that means a lot to you. It’s far easier to train out of your comfort zone for something where you know you will truly be making a difference.
Runner “Super Daz” Darren Redmond (@DarrenRedmond75) of Shabba Runners shared this piece of advice to end on.. “Aim to take 10% off all PBs, work hard for them and don’t assume they will happen without putting in the work. Don’t forget to enjoy it!.. Otherwise ask yourself, what’s the point”

Happy new running everyone!

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