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Stay motivated: How to avoid a festive slump

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Christmas is less than two weeks away and already you may be feeling the festive slump caused by that combination of bad weather, office parties and time constraints. Follow the easy tips below from our team and Twitter followers to keep yourself on track through the Christmas break!

Set a programme. It’s proven that runners achieve more when they have a plan! @AnnaTheApple88 recommends you “set a flexible training plan to achieve your goal”

Don’t be scared of the cold! @cazza7 loves running in cold and told us she always has “plenty of layers, a hat and a snood”. Just remember it better to have layers you can take off than wishing you  had more to put on!

Enter a January race. Nothing keeps you going more than the motivation to get a New Year PB.

parkrun regularly. They all run free 5ks every Saturday, with many parkruns running extra events on Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Build it in to every day. Make it your routine “you time” to escape the Christmas Stress!

Run early.  It can be hard to find the time when the kids are off and there are so many things to do. Set the alarm early and escape before everyone is up! Make sure you have your high visibility clothing or head torch, wrap up and go.

Treat yourself to new kit for Xmas or in the sales. That first run in new gear is always a good feeling.

Set a challenge. It doesn’t have to be a marathon a day like @kielder10 Sunderland Stroller Tony Allen is running in December! A mini streak such as a mile a day can keep you motivated and you always end up wanting to do more once you are out.

Hire a treadmill. Yes really! If you can’t leave your kids or the bad weather scares you, there are companies that allow you to hire treadmills for the home. You could even put some tinsel round it!


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