Winter running is bringing its challenges!

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Our Half Marathon ambassador Caroline writes about the challenges she has faced to keep running through the Winter, and her top tips to keep moving forward.
“Training during the winter certainly has some stumbling blocks and the weather can make it very tough to find motivation. Some tips for this I have found is clothing and wearing skins/base layers. I have to admit that from last years winter training and the different running gear I had bought for cold weather I was actually looking forward to wearing it again. I started the year in spectacular fashion by running everyday in January as part of the challenge for Mind Charity and running over 100 miles in a month for the first time ever finishing with 113 miles. 
February didn’t really hit the same high targets which was very disappointing but I think physically the every day challenge was tougher than I first realised, running everyday you don’t really give yourself a chance to become sore you just keep going. So after a couple of days off it was tough to get back into it again, but knowing that I can run everyday if I need to psychologically is fantastic in all honesty. It’s amazing what your body can do when you really push it along.
The weather throughout January and February wasn’t really too bad we had a little bit of ice and snow which just meant a couple of runs on the treadmill instead or a slow mile to get it all in. However the Beast from the East weather we had in the past week was really going to challenge everyone the most, it was brutal. I did manage to get out for a couple of runs which were a very slow pace but I would like to compare to running in pretty deep snow to running on the sand, felt very similar on the calves!
Tips for freezing weather 
– Base Layers (full length) 
– Hat
– Snood 
– Gloves 
– Fully charged phone 
– Headlight (when running in the dark) 
I think safety comes into it more during the dark winter months especially when you are training alone. Making sure your phone has plenty of battery is essential all year round but I feel as though more so in the winter. I personally think if you can manage to build a good base level of miles during the winter it really does help going into the spring and being able to take layers off as the weather improves.
I was also hit with about ten days of feeling ill as well, head cold and generally run down. This meant not really being able to get many miles in at all. By best advice for that is not to panic, even though I did slightly and listen to your body that it just needs a few days to rest before you can go again!
Let’s just hope that training will be a little bit easier over the next couple of weeks and then months as we enter the Spring season which is probably one of the best times to start running if you are looking at getting involved!”
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